Glass sculptures


Ring 25 cm - stand solid iron 57 cm

Entree for the International Prize Giotto Lisbon november 2019

Black Crow

Glass fusion mounted on board 150 x 61 cm

Golden Brown

Glass fusion with integrated 24 carat gold 70 x 18 cm


Glass fusion 20 cm mounted on wood


Glass fusion 90 cm mounted on wood

This Cat was donated to "Dierenasiel Gent" to be auctioned september 2017

Went for 420 euro. Tnx to the pet lover

Grey Cat

Glass fusion 90 cm mounted on wood

Flying crow

Glass fusion

Black Bird

Glass fusion 25 cm mounted on wood

Ice Bird

Glass fusion 18 cm mounted on wood

Yellow Bird

Glass fusion 30 cm mounted on wood


Glass fusion 90 cm mounted on wood

Green Wow

Glass fusion 28 cm mounted on a stick

Donated to Cultuurhuis De Corridor Wetteren

Ronda Triangulo

Glass fusion mounted in driftwood


Glass fusion with iron mounted in old oak

7 seconds

Glass fusion mounted in old oak 58 x 15 cm

Blue Pendulum

25 x 130 cm glass fusion Tiffany style mounted in old oak


20 x 115 cm glass fusion mounted in old oak


59 x 12 cm glass sculpture mounted on wood

The Core

13 x 50 cm glass and metal fusion mounted in old oak

Silver Soda

Glass fusion as light element


Glass fusion with silver mounted in driftwood as light element

Magic Box

Glass sculpture on hammered brass mounted in an old oak case

as light element 

Blue Bubbels

Glass fusion with 24k gold leave mounted on rusty iron in old oak